About us

Nordic Titanium is a manufacturing company with a factory located in industrial center of Narva, Estonia. Our products are manufactured from different grades of titanium, steel and plastic. To ensure quality of products we use only certified raw material.

Manufacturing different categories of products

Our factory is specializing in manufacturing different categories of products, such as automotive, aerospace, marine, sporting,
medical industry and other industrial types of products that always meet the needs of customer, technical
specifications and quality requirements.

Since 1996, Nordic Titanium is a manufacturing company based in industrial center in Narva, Estonia. We’re supplying various industries with metal processing services in titanium, steels, plastics and other difficult-to-process alloys and materials. In the last 20 years, the company has grown over 2000% in terms of net worth, and is estimated to double that growth by 2026.

Even through its recent period of growth, the company has retained its core values, allowing it to ensure flexibility speed and precision while manufacturing affordable parts in an increasingly competitive market. This allows Nordic Titanium to offer a high level of quality, while also providing competitive pricing options in a global context.

Today, a big focus at Nordic Titanium is the utilization of advanced technologies. From additive manufacturing processes, high precision manufacturing of small parts, advanced waterjet cutting techniques or using 11 axis during processing on CNC Swiss style turning machines, Nordic Titanium has been at the forefront of the implementation of new production methods. The production line is equipped with modern multi axis CNC machinery systems in more than 15 000 square meters of facility.

With the flexibility of our manufacturing, the experience of our employees, and the constant investment into new technologies, we can offer our partners high-quality components at competitive prices. We are able to manufacture one-offs, low volume series and mass production items. The Nordic Titanium engineering and development team support the manufacturing process from the start of production and up to delivery to the customer including all enclosed documents, 3D models, technical drawings, assemblies etc.

We are able to develop products for our clients from the concept level up to production-ready stage within our integrated CAD/CAM design offices. Our dedicated development team applies modern design and reverse engineering concepts to create the most efficient solutions and manufacturing methods for the project in hand.